Newsletter Release


Business owners in the modern digital age face the challenge of standing out in increasingly competitive fields.

They may be struggling to get repeat customers or might be spending money on marketing that just isn't effective.

Today’s customers, according to market data, are now expecting more from their digital experiences than ever before, and many business owners are struggling to connect with them. Large companies have been leveraging mobile marketing solutions for years with proven results, and while many businesses are now acknowledging this, why do some choose to spend their advertising money, often a lot of it, on traditional marketing methods instead?

The answer is: They don’t do it on purpose. NovaStacks operates precisely in that area. We utilize modern business technologies such as mobile app marketing, proximity marketing, consumer data, and deep analytics in order to generate a custom marketing strategy designed to help local businesses in their unique situations.

We are a marketing technology company that believes mobile technology can bring small businesses and their customers closer together than ever before through a combination of mobile app marketing and proximity marketing solutions. Through these, businesses are able to provide digital experiences and increase their repeat customers. Through loyalty programs, push notifications designed to increase customer reach, automation, and digital experiences delivered through a customer-focused mobile store, we are working hard to make businesses owners, the largest group of change makers in existence, more adaptable.