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Localized Mobile Marketing

If you were to reach into one of your pockets right now, chances are you would be touching some sort of mobile device. In fact, you may be wearing one on your wrist, have one in your purse, or be carrying one in your backpack on the way to work. Turning that device on and using an app, browsing the internet, or even chatting with friends (sometimes) will probably lead you to one conclusion: This machine was designed with advertising in mind. From the top to the bottom, mobile devices are marketing machines, like it or not.

Unfortunately, the businesses who choose to utilize that marketing, especially smaller and more localized businesses, fail to leverage their advertising budgets in a meaningful way. How many times have you gotten an ad for something totally unrelated to your interests or, worse a local ad for a place you are nowhere close to? Chances are, that has happened to you more times than you can even count. But why? Why would a business choose to spend their advertising money, often a lot of it, to leverage mobile platforms in the wrong way?

The answer is: They don’t do it on purpose. The mobile advertising landscape changes from day to day, and it is often too complicated for a given business owner to even understand. Fortunately, NovaStacks operates precisely in that area. We utilize modern business technologies such as mobile app marketing, proximity marketing, consumer data, and deep analytics in order to generate a custom marketing strategy designed to help local businesses in their unique situations.

We are a marketing technology company that believes mobile technology can bring small businesses and their customers closer together than ever before through a combination of mobile app marketing and proximity marketing solutions. Through these, businesses are able to provide digital experiences and increase their repeat customers. Through loyalty programs, push notifications designed to increase customer reach, automation, and digital experiences delivered through a customer-focused mobile store, we are working hard to make businesses owners, the largest group of change makers in existence, more adaptable.

Business owners not having the knowledge they need to properly market in a localized mobile market isn’t uncommon. It’s a lot of work, industry knowledge, and a time commitment that many simply don’t have room for. That’s where we step in and help deliver solutions built to your needs and specifications. Don’t leave money on the table in your mobile marketing. Contact us today.