We App Differently.

Our Mission:


We help business leaders keep their edge and continue to grow in today's digital experience age by integrating mobile app marketing technologies, so they can get found online, provide great customer experiences and increase repeat customers.


Be open for business on your customer’s smartphone.

NovaStacks is dedicated to helping adaptable business leaders with today's relevant marketing so they can continue to scale and run their business in a way that is aligned with their customer's modern behavior.


real examples, real scenarios

See it for yourself. Get clear on the benefits of a mobile app for business and how it can grow your bookings, orders, and sales.

gain an edge over competitors

Get on mobile & digital with our hybrid option: Supernova. Beat competitors still using traditional methods at a fraction of the cost.

bring your dream app idea to life

Have an idea for a mobile app? Our Supernova Plus option offers fully custom apps like the one you’ve been thinking about. Let’s talk.